12 Shots Every Pre-Wedding Photographer Should Get

Are you getting ready for a wedding and wondering what type of shots the photographer should get? Wedding photos are an important part of capturing any special day, but taking the right shots can make or break a pre-wedding photo album. As a bride and groom planning their own big day, it’s essential to know which types of photos your photographer should capture on one of the most memorable days in your life. We’ll go through the 12 must have shots that will create cherished memories with those who share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Bridal Party Introductions – Capture the bride, groom, and bridal party coming together for the first time

The moment where the bride, groom, and bridal party come together for the first time is one that is filled with excitement and anticipation. With all eyes on them, the bridal party introductions set the tone for the rest of the reception. As each member of the party is announced, there’s a palpable energy in the air, building up to the much-awaited introduction of the newlyweds. It’s a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the joining of two families and the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives. And as they all gather on the dance floor, smiles and laughter abound, it’s clear that the celebration has only just begun.

Walking down the aisle – Get creative with this shot and use different angles to give your photos a unique look

Walking down the aisle is one of the most special moments of any wedding. As a photographer, you have the opportunity to capture this memorable occasion in a unique and creative way. By experimenting with different angles, you can add a dynamic element to your photos and create a truly memorable album for the happy couple. Perhaps you could capture the couple walking from behind or through a narrow aisle, using the surrounding architecture to frame the shot. Alternatively, you might opt for a close-up of the bride’s dress train, capturing the delicate details and stunning fabric as she takes her first steps towards her partner. Whatever your approach, there are countless ways to make this shot truly exceptional.

Candid Moments – Capture moments of joy and emotion between partners, friends, and family members throughout the day

Our everyday lives are filled with moments of joy and emotion. These moments can happen at any time between partners, friends, or family members. The simplest, most candid moments often make for the most beautiful memories. From a warm embrace between two friends who haven’t seen each other in years, to a first kiss between newlyweds, capturing these moments can breath life into photos and videos for years to come. Candid moments can showcase raw emotions, reflect the true essence of one’s personality, and create a sense of nostalgia when looking back on them. These moments are precious and worth capturing, so don’t hesitate to snap away when you see them in action.

Getting Ready Shots – Photograph the preparations for the wedding ceremony in detail- get shots of dress fittings, makeup being applied, etc.

Wedding day preparations are a vital part of any couple’s marriage journey, and capturing these moments through photographs is an excellent way to cherish the memories. Getting ready shots are especially important as they demonstrate the excitement and anticipation of the day. From dress fittings to makeup being applied, capturing these details in photographs ensures every aspect of the preparations is preserved for the couple to look back on for years to come. The euphoria and thrill of the day shine through with each shot, giving a unique glimpse into the couple’s lives at that moment. Weddings are magical, and getting ready shots help to capture the enchantment of the day in an everlasting way.

Wedding Venue Details – Take pictures of all the details that make up your beautiful venue; flower arrangements, lighting fixtures, chairs etc.

Your wedding day is something you’ll treasure for a lifetime, and what better way to remember all the beautiful details than by capturing them in stunning photographs? From the delicate flower arrangements gracing the tables to the sparkling chandeliers overhead, every element of your venue deserves to be celebrated and preserved. And while you’ll no doubt be caught up in the excitement of the day, taking a few moments to snap some pictures of these special touches will give you cherished mementos to look back on and enjoy for years to come. So don’t forget to focus your lens on the chairs, the lighting fixtures, and all the other lovely details that make your wedding venue truly unforgettable.

Dancing Shots – Capture all the special dances during the reception- from first dance to father daughter dance

The reception is a time for celebration and joy, with dancing being an essential part of the festivities. From the newlyweds’ first dance to the heart-warming father-daughter dance, every step and twirl is a memory that deserves to be cherished. That’s where dancing shots come in, capturing all the special moments so that you can relive them over and over again. As the music fills the air and the guests hit the dance floor, let your photographer work their magic and capture each and every dance move. With these photos, you can hold on to the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime event forever.

Reception Decorations/Venue Details- Get creative with shots of decorations like centerpieces, cake toppers etc.

Walking into a reception should be an unforgettable experience for guests. As they take their seats and look around, they should be awed by the intricate details and beautiful decorations that surround them. One way to ensure that their experience is memorable is by getting creative with shots of the decorations like centerpieces, cake toppers, and more. Capturing the little details will create a sense of magic in the air and will have your guests talking about your reception for years to come. So, whether it’s a stunning flower arrangement or a unique cake topper, don’t forget to snap a photo and showcase it in all of its glory.

Cutting Cake Shots- Don’t miss out on capturing those classic cake cutting shots!

When it comes to weddings and other special celebrations, one of the most important moments is cutting the cake. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture unforgettable photos of the happy couple as they share their first bite of sweetness together. Don’t miss out on the chance to take these classic cake cutting shots, as they are sure to become cherished memories for years and generations to come. So make sure your camera is ready and position yourself in the right spot to immortalize this special moment.

Guests Having Fun- Capture people having fun by shooting close ups or group shots!

It’s a party and everyone’s having a blast! Laughter and cheers fill the air as guests mingle, dance, and enjoy a variety of activities. As the photographer, your mission is clear – capture the fun! Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your subjects. Zoom in on their smiling faces, the clinking of glasses, or their wild dance moves. Group shots are also a great way to showcase the contagious energy of the crowd. Just remember to keep snapping away to capture those unforgettable moments. These pictures will be treasured memories for years to come.

Sunset/Nighttime Photos- Get creative with outdoor shots taken during twilight or nighttime and add some moody vibes to your pre-wedding photo collection!

As the sun sets and the sky shifts from a deep blue to a fiery orange, the world seems to come alive in a whole new way. The soft light of twilight casts a dreamy glow over everything it touches, making it the perfect time to snap some stunning outdoor photos – and that’s exactly what you should do for your pre-wedding photography collection! Imagine dramatic silhouettes against vibrant skies, the glittering lights of the city reflected on water, or soft shadows dancing across the ground. By playing with the moody vibes of twilight and nighttime, you’ll create a magical collection of photos that capture the beauty of the world after dark.

Sparkler Exit Shot- Create a magical sparkler exit shot as your bride & groom send off their guests!

There’s nothing quite like the magic of a sparkler exit shot at a wedding. As the bride and groom bid farewell to their loved ones, a shower of sparkling light follows them, creating a truly enchanting moment. It’s a perfect way to end a perfect day, and one that will forever be remembered in photographs and memories. So grab a sparkler, gather your guests, and get ready to create a stunning send-off that your bride and groom will cherish for years to come. It’s a moment that’s sure to light up their hearts and make their special day even more unforgettable.

Memories Sitting Together- Have your couple sit together for a romantic portrait session at sunset or end of night!

As the sun sets on the horizon, capturing the beauty of the moment with a romantic portrait session can create lasting memories for you and your partner. Sit together, feel the warmth of each other’s embrace, and let the magic of the moment unfold. The soft glow of the evening light will illuminate your love, and you’ll cherish this moment forever. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, engagement, or simply want to capture the beauty of your love, a sunset or end-of-night portrait session is the perfect way to do so. Make memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime, and let the beauty of the moment shine through in your portraits.

The wedding day is an irreplaceable once-in-a-lifetime moment for couples and it’s important to document the entire experience with beautiful photographs. Whether you choose to hire a professional pre-wedding photographer or take on the job yourself, consider this list of must-have photos to make sure you capture all of the special moments from your day. From bridal party introductions and walking down the aisle to reception decorations and cutting cake shots, make sure to plan ahead and document everything so you can treasure these memories for years to come. Don’t forget—get creative with different angles and outdoor shots! Capture all of the sweet details that make up your special day and have fun with your wedding photography!

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12 Shots Every Pre-Wedding Photographer Should Get